Dental Implants: A Much-Needed Treatment to Replace a Missing Tooth

Have a lost or missing tooth due to aging, accident, or underlying health issues or treatments? Want to make the situation more bearable? Do you face lots of criticism, shaky confidence, and low esteem, or simply compromise with your eating habits?

Losing a tooth is intimidating, especially when it happens at a young age due to all but no natural circumstances. Dental science has advanced a lot in the past few decades. It has furthered its reach beyond partial dentures, veneers, or bridges. Now is the time for dental implants which have a permanent life of about 25 years. These are a permanent solution to all teeth loss worries.

The Physiological Side: Of course, the earlier methods have their benefits but those can’t compete with the benefits offered by the dental implant. With a proper tooth implant, an individual not only resolves oral issues but also regains the lost confidence and full functionality of his/her mouth. People with a lost tooth or more find themselves in odd positions during a public gathering, speaking, or eating. They shy away from laughing hard and somehow isolate themselves from others. They start fearing rejections and they blame it on their incomplete persona, that too due to few missing teeth. Such circumstances play on patient’s minds too hard at times that they become dull and depressed, inviting even more tooth problems and oral issues. Stress lays a very bad impact on tooth health.

How to convince a patient for dental implants?

Therefore, it is vital for the closed ones of a patient to inform him about the benefits of implants. Also, the dentist should counsel, encourage and involve the patient in the entire implant procedure. Most often patient gets scared due to misinformation predominant among commoners about the adverse effects of implants. It is always a good option to make the patient meet with those already living a normal life with the implants on. It boosts confidence about the procedure and sharing experiences can build trust in the dentist.  

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Tooth implants are just like your natural teeth

Once fixed, these looks, performs and feels just like natural teeth. Unlike earlier it allows you to chew, bite and enjoy the food you love the most without compromising your favorite foods.

Why you should not delay the tooth implant procedure?

Missing tooth leads to teeth shifting. A little delay in getting the tooth implantation procedure may alter the performance of other teeth as well. Therefore, you shouldn’t delay as you may have to go for more implants than just one or two.

Dental implant cost and procedure

It involves screwing the metal attachments to jawbones. A porcelain tooth is fitted permanently once the screwing takes place and the screw settles conveniently in your jaw. Dental implant costs may range somewhere between $3,000 to $6,000 in NJ, however, the price may vary in different places.

For affordable and effective dental implant services, you can approach RiteSmile Dental. We take care of your oral health and offer customized dental solutions. Expect full pre-and post-treatment counseling to save you from anxiety. At RiteSmile Dental we make sure your oral glory lasts long. We replace missing teeth efficiently to support your day-to-day functioning like normal days. Don’t underestimate your oral health at any cost because it can lead to further damages. Reach out to us. You can also rely on us for a second opinion free of cost. Seek our expert guidance to maintain your oral charm. We are at your service and we will always commit ourselves to offer high-quality oral health care services in Branchburg, NJ.


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