Dental Implants, Bleeding Gums or Broken Tooth: Know When to Seek Emergency Dental Services

You can be completely relaxed or at a fun picnic with family or maybe watching your favorite series on Netflix when a sudden toothache starts of nowhere, or your tooth falls out on the ground. There can be times when at the midnight you find your gums bleeding or your dental crown shaking right before an important meeting. Don’t worry! This is not to scare you away but to address the probabilities that may call for an ‘emergency dentist’. Dental problems may arise at anytime and anywhere. You may or may not always be in a position to handle a situation completely. Hence you need to have access to the 24-hour emergency dentist. Dental problems may arise at any age. Therefore, it is crucial to maintain good oral health yet there can be uncontrollable factors like accidents or falls that can put you in dental emergencies associated with dental implants. Yet an important piece of advice is to wait and analyze if a situation can wait. You need to know what is a dental emergency before approaching an emergency dentist.

Dental Issues that Require Emergency Dentist Support:

Abscessed tooth: An abscessed tooth can be a real pain as it may also further bacteria if not treated immediately. Therefore, you should approach an emergency dentist at your earliest. Make sure you find a nearby help for immediate assistance.

Bleeding gums: Bleeding gums represent periodontal disease that requires treatment to keep the entire mouth healthy and protected.

Knocked-out tooth: There is a probable chance of replacing the knocked-out teeth is handled with precaution. Avoid touching it and keep it in some milk as you take it to the dentist or simply put it inside your mouth between your gum and cheek.  

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Severe pain: Severe pain is an indicator of an unknown oral issue that might cause trauma if left untreated. It is never without a reason that any portion of the human body may ache severely. If at any time there is severe pain in your jaw, teeth, or gums, it is advised to approach a 24-hour emergency dentist.  

Broken tooth: Broken tooth can be fixed with immediate assistance. Don’t delay it as it can be adversely affecting your teeth’ health.

Don’t Get Confused about 24-hour Emergency Dentist

Often patients get confused with incidents like chipped veneers, lost filling, swollen gums, or even broken dental aids. There is absolutely nothing to worry about in such a situation as these can wait till tomorrow. You don’t have to rush to an emergency dentist right in the middle of the night. Even if you do, your dentist at service would not be able to help you much. Hence, it is always beneficial to acknowledge the expert suggestions.

What to Do in Case of Dental Emergency or Maybe a Need for Dental Implant?

As soon as you are assured about your dental emergency, make a call to your dentist straight away. If you are fortunate to seek help during office hours, you will get swift access. In case of odd hours, you may have to adjust with the 24-hour emergency dentist available on duty until your dentist gets to see you the next day.

Also, review your dental plan to ascertain the criteria your dental emergency falls in. It will give you an idea about how much your plan may cover for the emergency dental implant or any other service.

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Dental issues can be worrisome, especially when an emergency arises. In such a situation, do not lose your patience, maintain your calm, and seek immediate assistance. At RiteSmile Dental you can get the best emergency dental service, be it related to dental implants, broken teeth, gum disease, or any issue not letting you sleep overnight. We can fix it all! Call us or simply book an appointment through WhatsApp.