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Teeth Whitening- Are you missing your shiny white pearls?

Teeth Whitening: Staining and discolouration of teeth can affect your confidence and personality. Yellowish teeth and staining can deny you the beautiful smile you had in the past. While proper oral hygiene does lessen cases of teeth discolouration, they can also result from medicinal side effects and other health issues.

If you wish to bid adieu to teeth discolouration; at Rite Smile Dental, Dr. Kaur would help you regain your beautiful smile.

Have you ever wondered about the yellowish teeth which have developed over time? It happens at such a slow rate that you can’t even count when your teeth start to appear yellow.

Most prominent teeth yellowing factor involves smoking. However, it alone cannot be blamed, but it does make a massive difference in the life of regular smokers.

Nicotine allows bad looking yellowish or brown layered stain to develop over the surface of your teeth. Such heavy stains aren’t easy to tackle. You may need to undergo teeth whitening to make your teeth shine again with the same glory and vigor.

The reason why teeth begin to look yellow is that its enamel is weak and thin. Tooth enamel breaks when you do not take good care. To ascertain good teeth health, you need to be cautious of having things that destroy your teeth enamel.

For instance, having a cup of coffee with straw is advisable to prevent its direct contact with your shiny whites. Additionally, consulting your teeth whitening dentist can be helpful if the stains start appearing in large proportions.

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Get yourself involved in teeth cleaning in every six months or so. Do not delay any of your dentist appointments as this may lead to further complications associated with your glorious smile.

Why Should You Opt for Teeth Whitening?

  • Teeth whitening improves your smile
  • Teeth whitening increases confidence levels
  • Teeth whitening can boost your professional career
  • Teeth whitening helps you achieve youthful look

Teeth Whitening Process: What It Takes?

Teeth whitening process can be performed at your dentist’s office or the comfort of your home through the dentist. The basics of teeth whitening are performed by bleaching teeth with carbamide peroxide to treat the stains on your teeth.

In-office treatment

The majority of patients and dentists generally considers office seating. The office treatment gives dentists a better exposure to use applied solutions which makes whitening process even better.

An hour of seating accompanied with two to three more such seating can get you your shiny whites back.

Home treatment

With the vast application, technology and training, your dentists can give teeth whitening services at home as well.

It comprises of a custom-fit tray that you need to wear for about 30 minutes to 1 hour in a single day or as recommended by the practitioner. However, this becomes a bit tedious for patients as the process requires them to repeat it for a few weeks until the teeth achieve complete whiteness.

Any treatment if done at a professional setting, have higher chances of success because being at home and sticking to a ritual takes a complete toll on people. It is the primary reason why teeth whitening is done at the dentist’s office alone.

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Is Teeth Whitening Safe for Oral Health?

The basics of tooth whitening involve the use of peroxide bleaching for the removal of abrasive products or any discoloration of stain. Since the dentist completely supervises the peroxide bleaching procedure; hence, considered safe and perfectly apt for maintaining oral health. Tooth whitening, be it at home (under the dentist’s supervision) or a dentist’s office is considered safe.

Under any circumstance, it is not advisable to perform whitening without appropriate medical help.

Does Teeth Whitening Work on Everyone?

Teeth whitening doesn’t work on everyone. Every individual has different types of teeth, and those respond differently to various processes. Not everyone’s tooth gets stained or discoloration due to one factor.

So does everyone may not require the similar handling for restoring teeth whiteness. Some individuals have yellow teeth while some others have brown or greyish stains.

What may work for whitening yellow discoloration may not be useful at all to treat the grey or the brown ones. It clarifies why people require the help of a professional dentist.

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Does Insurance Plan Covers Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure. Hence, most insurance companies do not cover it under the repayment scheme. Gum contouring, teeth reshaping, veneers are also not covered by insurance plans as these are done at an individual’s will to improve looks rather than posing any health risk.

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To curb this gap, cosmetic dentists offer varied payment plans to their patients, providing them with a much convenient way of settling bills.

Care Post Teeth-Whitening Treatment

It is critical to maintaining teeth whitening post-treatment. It is a costly procedure, so does it require proper maintenance after the treatment.

Not taking appropriate care may end you up in another discoloration and immediate dentist supervision that you may want to avoid for a reputable period. Here are few useful tips to help you maintain your white smile for a longer run:

  • It is impossible to stay away from stains causing food and beverages. Hence, brushing or rinsing right after such intakes help preserve your shiny enamel.
  • Regular use of whitening toothpaste aids in removing stains. It restricts your teeth from adorning dirty yellow discoloration.
  • Do not skip using a straw to drink stain-causing beverages like coffee, cold-drinks or even red wine.
  • Quit smoking if possible or use chewing gums as much as possible.
  • Seek regular dental appointments to keep your silvery shine intact.

~Happy Smiling~