Why to Depend on Professionals for Easy and Cheap Teeth Whitening?

A beautiful smile is your lasting touch to sensual make-up, yet it is not achievable with ease. There are times when you start feeling more embarrassed to smile. It happens due to the deteriorating health of your teeth that leads to yellowing, browning, or graying of your pearly whites. Such are the testing times. But, do not worry! Cosmetic dentistry has a perfect solution for the discoloration of teeth, and that is termed teeth whitening. Today, we have a lot of cheap teeth whitening options available with dentists.

Why Teeth Gets Discoloration and How you Can Save Them From Cheap Teeth Whitening?

Teeth discoloration can be either extrinsic or intrinsic. Teeth become pale due to different reasons in different individuals. Also, the impact of discoloration can vary among individual patients. It depends upon the consumption of products or your mouth carrying distinct conditions.

Let us discuss the two types of staining or discoloration in brief:


Extrinsic discoloration is a bi-product of sugary beverages, tea, caffeine, red wine, smoking, and more are the major factors responsible for causing stained teeth. These stains affect the outer surface of your teeth.


Intrinsic discoloration appears due to infection, tooth trauma, aging, few medications, and illnesses.

It becomes even more critical to get a thorough tooth whitening treatment for stained teeth due to intrinsic discoloration.

How Does Professional Teeth Whitening Work?

Furthermore, your dentist will align follow-up schedules until you get the shade you desire.

Before starting your teeth whitening treatment, your dentist takes note of the color of your teeth at present. As a procedural ritual, your dentist polishes your teeth and removes plaque or debris from the surface.

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Once the polishing completes, your dentist puts the whitening solution that contains hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. Laser lighting plays a crucial role in activating the peroxide. The solution sits on your teeth for about 30to 60 minutes, accompanying the laser light. After rinsing, the teeth get a fluoride touch to reduce sensitivity.

Effectiveness of Professional & Cheap Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening procedure is an overall result-based treatment that has no side effects. It has the following benefits.

Durable treatment

Unlike temporary measures, your teeth whitening can stick with you like forever when a professional does it. A cheap teeth whitening kit may be available at many drug stores, but you may not want to use it due to being less durable. On the other hand, a professional teeth whitening procedure is reliable because the doctor knows his stuff.

Noticeable changes

Professional tooth whitening is highly noticeable and gets you a lot of attention. Your cosmetic dentists are skilled and pro in their craft to whiten and brighten your teeth. Your home whitening tactics may not work as well as professionally whitened teeth. Therefore, we advise you to seek help from professional dentists rather than spoiling your teeth with ordinary teeth whitening methods.

Boost confidence

A new smile gives you many more reasons to be happy and expressive. A complete procedure of whitening will make your teeth look super shining, strong, and healthier. You will not have to think before smiling in the crowd because now your pearly whites have celebrity appeal.

Quick results

Teeth whitening is a holistic procedure of bringing the shine of your teeth and brightness back. By no means, your dentist will give you the average results as you expect from home treatments. When you are at the dental office getting the treatment, you can be sure about the post-treatment results that are quick and perfect.

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Star-studded personality

Shine on with your pearly whites! A pure white set of teeth will enhance your personality. It will also add a youthful look to your face. With aging, your teeth start appearing dull and stained.

Whitening treatment will make them appear youthful.

Unlike earlier days, it is easier today to restore your teeth to whiteness. People perceive that cheap teeth whitening procedures aren’t easily approachable. With RiteSmile dental, we want to break that myth! It is easier to get the most affordable whitening procedure at your neighborhood dentist in Branchburg, New Jersey. When you know about the responsible factors for intrinsic and extrinsic staining of your teeth, you can easily predict when you have to visit us. Also, we recommend dropping the idea of continuing with poor eating or drinking habits. Unnecessarily it welcomes plaque or infection in your mouth, leading to yellowing of teeth. 

Prevention is the key!

Teeth whitening not only whiten your teeth but also clean them to avoid any unwanted infection.

Seek our expert help and consultation by just dialing our numbers or visiting our office directly. We will try to find out the best possible solution for your teeth. Also, did you know that you can also get a free second opinion at RiteSmile Dental? Wait not and get the cheap teeth whitening consultation from our expert doctor.