Dental emergencies are common. Irrespective of regular dental visits and a strict oral regime unexpected pain, infection and other issues arise from time to time. A bad fall can lead up to tooth damage, a fish or meat bone might damage gums while eating or a medical condition might result in oral infection. You need to seek prompt treatment to relieve yourself from the pain and suffering. Your search for ‘emergency dentist near me’ in Branchburg, NJ will lead you to us. At Rite Smile Dental Dr. Kaur is your Emergency Dentist and has been serving the community with pride. 

In case of pain or infection you should avoid home-therapies and self-medication as this can worsen the problem. Don’t try any home intervention such as pulling out a broken teeth or applying OTC medication on the area. You should avoid eating any food or intake of extremely hot or cold liquid. In case of bleeding from the gums apply a wet piece of cotton wool before you reach our dental clinic.

When Do You Need Emergency Dentist?

What Does The Procedure Involve?

Dr. Kaur would diagnose the problem leading to pain and other kinds of irritation around your teeth and gums. We educate you on the problem and the treatment options. Depending upon the nature of dental emergency we would suggest you the best treatment options. Some of these treatment options can be administered immediately while others may have to be scheduled for a latter sitting. Even in such cases we shall write prescription or suggest you oral hygiene techniques that would alleviate your pain till a permanent treatment option can be given.

When you are in need of an Emergency Dentist you should get in touch with us immediately. We shall offer you the right kind of treatment and assistance during your hour of need.

New Timings During COVID-19
Amidst the Covid Pandemic!

Air purifiers which capture 99.998% of air particles using filtration & UV light to provide clean air in the treatment rooms.

Extra oral high speed suction to control any possible aerosol infection.

Staff is fully donned in PPE exclusively for each patient to avoid cross contamination.

Staff is fully donned in PPE exclusively for each patient to avoid cross contamination.

Touch-less thermometers.

Digital patient registration forms...& More!

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