Do you find grinding your teethunintentionally at night or hear your child do that? In the world of dentistry this is known as Bruxism where most often people are seen grinding their teeth in a subconscious state while they sleep. Bruxism is predominant among children as compared to adults. If you hear your kids grinding their teeth at night, you should bring them to us. At Rite Smile Dental Dr. Kaur has expertise in helping kids and adults deal with the problem of Bruxism.

What causesBruxism?

The root cause leading to Bruxism isn’t clear although numerous studies have been conducted in this area. However the most common causes have been identified as fear, anxiety and stress. It is common in kids who suffer from paranoia. Among adults alcoholism, smoking and caffeine consumption are reported to be contributing factors behind Bruxism. It has been identified as one of the most common sleep disorders in the world which also affects body’s metabolism by denying people sound sleep.

Why Bruxism Management Is Must?

There is no known cure for this problem at this point of time but it can be effectively managed. Bruxism management is a mustin case of children as well as adults and leaving it alone can lead to severe facial pain, gum recession, occlusal trauma and arthritis.

What Does The Procedure Involve?

Dr. Kaur would carry out thorough assessment of the exact nature of the problem and help in managing the condition using night guards or occlusal guards. This is a preventive procedure to save our clients from the side-effects of this problem. The procedure usually takes multiple sittings where Dr. Kaur would take the measurement for custom-made night guards based on your teeth impression. These guards help in minimizing teeth grinding at night and also prevent damage to teeth and gums in the long-run. 

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