If you are sensing pain, swelling or an infection around the gum area the problem may be with the root of your teeth. Every tooth is made up of two parts – crowns and the roots with the roots anchoring your tooth to the bones. Unhealthy nerves in your roots can cause pain and sensitivity when there is an underlying infection or cavity. Root canal treatment or Endodontics would offer you relief from this problem and is one of the most preferred treatment options in such cases. At Rite Smile Dental Dr. Kaur specializes in root canal treatment and has treated hundreds of clients successfully.

What is Root Canal Treatment?

The term root canal originates from the cleaning of the canals around the root of a tooth. It is an invasive treatment used for repairing and saving badly damaged or infected teeth instead of opting for complete extraction.  In this procedure damaged area of the tooth (pulp) is cleaned or removed which is followed up by applying a sealant.

When Do You Require Root Canal Treatment?

If your tooth is infected it requires immediate dental intervention. If you ignore this problem this might lead to further decay and damage of the tooth and warrant an extraction. Here are some conditions that might require root canal treatment

What Does The Procedure Involve?

Dr. Kaur would first take an X-ray of the affected tooth (teeth) before performing the procedure. This is done to identify the seriousness of the problem. Root canal treatment usually requires multiple sittings where we remove the infected pulp which is followed up by draining the abscesses. The area is then thoroughly cleaned and shaped for filling.  A temporary filling is applied and allowed to settle. On your next visit the temporary filling is removed to spot for any traces of infection. When no infection is spotted we apply a permanent filling to restore your tooth.

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