Invisalign dentist in New Jersey

Invisalign dentist in New Jersey Gives an Insight About the Benefits of Invisalign® Treatment

For many people, the first thing they think about Invisalign® is an invisible smile. Invisalign® is a great orthodontic treatment option that uses removable, tooth-colored aligners to create an attractive smile. Many of our patients opt for Invisalign® as a way to correct their smile without anyone being able to tell that they have braces—including their friends and family! We are your Invisalign dentist in New Jersey. Visit us for your next Invisalign treatment.

Invisalign® is a very popular way to straighten teeth. With the rise of social media and selfies, a lot of young people want a straight smile, but they don’t want anyone to be able to tell that they have braces.

Invisalign dentist in New Jersey Uncovers Why Invisalign is the Best Option for your Teeth?

But does Invisalign® really offer the best solution for straightening teeth? Here’s why we think there is no such thing as invisible braces:

While Invisalign® aligners are removable, braces are fixed.

Invisalign is more than just a way for people to make their teeth look nicer.

Invisalign is great for those who don’t want to show off their braces. It’s also convenient and gives you the confidence of knowing no one will know about your treatment.

A good bite

Orthodontics and braces do not give you a beautiful new smile, rather they improve your overall health and make chewing easy.

Dentistry is more than just making people feel pretty. Without good physical health, they are hollow shells of the people they could be.

Teeth alignment

In a healthy mouth, you want the tooth to be able to open and close smoothly.

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TMJ/TMD is often associated with clicking, popping, and other problems in the jaw. When teeth are perfectly aligned, your jaw will function in its natural state without pain or slow deterioration.

Find the best Invisalign near you in NJ for the correction of teeth? Read further to gain insight on how it could be the best treatment for you.

The best way to have good teeth is proper tooth positioning.

This leads to a self-maintaining oral health program. If the teeth are crooked, it’s not just your smile that’s affected! Beneath the surface, when the bones which support your tooth are also crooked, problems occur. This is called bone architecture and it’s essential for good mouth health.

Aligned teeth make it easier to clean and floss your teeth.

When teeth are not close enough to each other, food gets stuck in the gaps.

Food impaction is a common condition that can lead to problems with teeth and gums, as well as other health complications. The bacteria that grow in your mouth hold food firmly in place so that the bacteria can feast upon it. If you grind your teeth, it could cause them to recede and make you feel like your jaw is in pain.

Correct placement of teeth allows for easier flossing and brushing. Align your teeth and you will reduce the chance of tooth decay.

Faster, more complete digestion of food by efficient chewing

The mouth is the first place that food is processed. Bad chewing can hinder the body’s ability to absorb nutrients. If you don’t chew your food, you will get fewer nutrients than if you do.

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Wearing an Invisalign aligner can help you get rid of facial, jaw, and neck pain.

Patients with sore facial muscles or who are grinding their teeth can benefit from a better bite, as well as wearing an aligner over several months. It should be noted that Invisalign is not working unless the muscle memory of clenching and grinding has been removed.

Speech and phonetics – better speech and pronunciation

Your ability to pronounce words properly is largely determined by the position of your teeth.

For example, if you have too much upper tooth showing or an open bite, it might make lisping more noticeable and may also make pronouncing certain words difficult.

Hygienist cleanings are shorter and more efficient.

Properly aligned teeth are self-cleaning and self-maintaining. Flossing is easier with dental implants! Crooked teeth are harder to clean than straight ones. For example, when the teeth are misaligned, the bacteria are nearly impossible to remove by brushing alone.

It is critical for you to have properly aligned teeth and if you are trying to reach the Invisalign dentist in New Jersey, we suggest you visit us and see how we can transform your appearance.