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Pediatric Dentist: How are they Different from General Dentist?

Pediatric dentist are a wholesome solution for little mouths. They are the ones involved in the tender care of keeping your little ones away from developing oral diseases. However, to ascertain oral health, they need your help. They need your children to visit them on a timely basis for ruling out oral health issues.

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They have technical qualifications and expertise to conduct various diagnoses, surgeries, and treatment under valid licensing and certifications. Like any other medical vet, a pediatric dentist has to undergo thorough training and education.

All children are different, and different are their needs and responses to changes. Children start to grow teeth by as little as six months, and the same start to shed around 6 to 7 years in their growth phase. Throughout infancy, adolescence, and youth, teeth require utmost care for preventing nasty oral diseases from developing.

Here’s how a specialized dentist for children can help you in preparing your kids for appropriate oral hygiene.

Unlike a general dentist, pediatric dentists amicably treat children and make them feel at home. Their clinics are more fun to be around. Unlike boring routine checkups, some pediatric dentists arrange periodic oral cleaning contests to keep their little patients coming for oral checkups.

There are a lot of differences between a general dentist and a child-special dentist. Be it ranging from equipment to medicine to sedation; each activity is child-specific and child friendly.

What Types of Treatments Do Pediatric Dentists Provide?

Child dentists are responsible for offering overall oral health protection through applied treatments and oral care in children which involves the following:

  • Examining the oral health of infants to eliminate the possibility of risk of caries in mother and child.
  • Offering timely cleaning and fluoride treatments for minimizing the risk of oral diseases.  
  • Treating root defects and cavities.
  • Diagnosis of oral problems due to underlying issues like asthma, hay fever, diabetes, hyperactivity disorder or congenital heart disease. 
  • Helping children to achieve straightened teeth by correction of improper positioning of teeth. 
  • Providing habit counselling to parents for the prevention of any future oral problem in infants or growing toddlers. 
  • Managing diseases associated with gums malfunction or disorders like short frenulae, pediatric periodontal disease and mouth ulcers. 
  • Treating dental injuries like tooth displacement, fractured or bleeding tooth.
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Pediatric Dentistry: How Is It Different?

The term ‘pediatric’ is self-explanatory; however, often, people question its relevancy. As per the American Academy of Pediatric Dentists, a child should see a dentist as early as six months of age. It clarifies how significant their role is in maintain your child’s oral well-being. This type of dentistry is different in many ways. It is a complete child-focused medial practice undertaken by trained dentists qualified in treating oral issues in underage children or infants.

They attain a specific DMD or DDS degree and undergo a post-graduate pediatric residency program and clear all remaining state requirements before starting to practice or work under senior dentists for gaining more exposure with children. They learn child psychology and development, child orthodontics, and pediatric sedation as a part of their medical curriculum.

Unlike general dentists, they don’t treat adult patients. Also, they possess small-sized tools and equipment which are customized to treat child patients. They deal with children from infancy to young adulthood. Children no more require specialized dental treatment as they attain 18 years of age.

Where Can I Find A Pediatric Dentist In Branchburg, NJ?

Often parents worry about finding one right oral treatment for their children, and often they question themselves asking, ‘Where I can find a perfect pediatric dentist near me?’

To ease your worry, you do not have to find a child dentist that tough, especially when you are in Branchburg, NJ. All you need to ascertain is that your child gets the right treatment. You, of course, do not want to see your child in pain. At RiteSmileDental, we make sure your child is treated like our own. Our highly skilled staff and richly experienced doctor focus on making your child comfortable before starting the treatment, be it big or small…Nothing is more significant than a child’s comfort.

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Pediatric Dentists Put Child’s Comfort First

Since child dentists are well versed in child psychology, they take great care in putting a child’s comfort first. They know precisely how a child can be brought into a comfort zone, how he would cooperate, or trust the medical staff and his doctor.

They understand how to engage children while they perform the treatment. Pre and post-treatment counseling is arranged by some kids-friendly dentists to prepare children to deliver cooperation during the actual treatment. It makes them even unique as unlike general dentists, they do not rush or treat like robots. They interact, and children love them.

What Differentiates Pediatric Dentist From A General Dentist?

The most significant difference between the two lies in that one exclusively treats children, while the other doesn’t.

Unlike a general dentist, they have special training and education to deal with toddlers, including child psychology and children engaging techniques.

pediatric dentist’s tools and equipment are kids-friendly and not horrifying like those of a general dentist.

Unlike the general dentist’s clinic, they have nursery like offices and beautifully decorated treatment chambers.

Some even offer goodies to children to boost their morale and create trust in their little patients, which is not even close to general dentists. Of course, adults don’t require such treatment due to different psychological needs and understanding of the two.

What Is A Pediatric Dental Practice Care

Pediatric dental practice care is all about soothing a child’s anxiety and putting him at ease to allow treatment. A little meet and greet with child patients, especially toddlers, serves dentists a long time, which means being a kid-friendly dentist is more of handling psychology than the actual treatment. Children are prone to tantrums or complete despair. It’s one in a billion chances that a toddler might himself come for a pediatric dental appointment. Hence, they practice a lot of positive reinforcement in their little patients.

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The modern dentists for kids even allow headphones and music for treating the little patient to distract them from the offending drilling or cleaning noises due to the ongoing treatment.

Just like ‘not one size fits all’, not one technique works on all toddlers. An excellent dentist for children keeps different tricks handy. Many children’s psychology reading books can be found at a famous dentist in your town since it’s all about settling the anxious thoughts of a child, putting him at ease, and making him laugh more and forget about the daunting oral treatments.

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